Eskai Lotto – Hate Me

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Video Concept:
Two scenes capture two different aspects of getting hated on for the song "Hate Me". One thing hated on too much is the person who makes rational and split decisions based on their feelings at the moment. This is a pure form of self-control and mental stability. But you are looked at as crazy and abnormal when your doing things that not everyone else does. This is the same person who is able to think for his/her self and make a decision without barriers of right or wrong. We all have an eternal eye for decision making, but being governed by laws and categories is what stops you from flourishing. Joker and Harley Quinn capture the rational person perfectly. All they do is kill and destroy, but you still love them both because it's genuine. You believe that there is there purpose and buy into the character. You're supposed to think "That's crazy" because laws lead you to believe there end game isn't pretty. But if there were no laws, would they be your king and queen?
In the second scene Eskai Lotto is portrayed as a God like figure. Even if you believe in God, 9 times out of 10 you are probably hating on somebody else's God. He is being followed by the devil who will eventually offer him an array of gifts. This scene is about choosing your demons in life. The first offering is drugs, specifically cocaine. Denied! The second offering is a "medical shot" Denied! And the third offering is a woman. Accepted! Thou without sin cast the first stone. If no sin is greater than the other then why hate on another person for their own sins. He/She may be a God and you're out here trying to put them on this human level.
With the lack of empathy you possess, We embrace the hate!

Song concept:
People fail to realize that they are the star of their own show. That being said it's safe to say that all your decisions are not based on your best interest. We compromise for the people we love. If you didn't you would understand hate better than any of us. So I made this song focusing on the things that people could possibly hate me for. This song embraces the love of yourself including the cruddy ways. Then it asks you to embrace yours by putting yourself first. Genuine hate can feel better than fake love because it's real. Eskai Lotto video.

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