Earth of our Future, Nature is speaking to us, How we can save the Earth of our future. Nature Poem

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Earth of our Future - By Anuradha Mariposa Gupta

As #twilight sets in
And the #sun begins to set
I lie in #bed
But the #day for me has yet to end

As I lie here most days
Thinking of long and short bygone days…
It makes me wonder how I intend to #live the rest of my days...

When will we get back to #normal I think
This IS the #new normal and that's what I think..
Days go by and it's as if we don't even #blink
THIS IS the new normal...let's just let it #sink!!

Every day we hear accounts of #abuse against the #environment. #Forests are being cut at a rapid spree in order to make way for #development. Yes, while development is important too, is there no way we can pursue it in a #balanced manner? Our population is out of control, #Earth is being destroyed every day with #air, #water, and #soil pollution. #Consumerism has become a way of life. At the peak of all this we have been hit by a crisis, #COVID-19..and it has #shaken us up to the core..bringing life as we know it to a halt. Perhaps this is the time to reflect and correct our ways before we cross the tipping point.

My head hits the pillow and my mind won't shut down
Thoughts of things ominious and it seems like I'll drown
Seek for protection, meditate and chant
Prostate in obeisance but it all seems like a rant..

Yes it's the Earth and she's come to collect
Look at what have we done to her…
Shown her but neglect!!

To teach us a lesson she says but when will we learn?
When all that we touch, we destroy and we burn!

A rainbow at the end of the tunnel you say…
When will we take responsibility of it all I say...

Would it help if i folded my hands, fell on my knees and prayed...
Or just think that we could hope and wish this uncontrollable danger away..

Something so small, invisible to the eye
Has actually brought us to our knees and has made us cry!!

Wake up people wake up….
What more do we need..

To experience this terror, shake up our senses and make us bleed…

Let's strive to make a better tomorrow
Let's put a stop to all this plundering, sorrow and horror..

Respect me and I will let you thrive she says..
I am your #Mother...Care for me and I'll let you survive she says.
Unconditional love she's shown us all the way
And all we do is take and take and expunge her away

Broke her, choked her, burnt her alive
After all this do we really expect to survive?

The God is in You we hear over and over again

Then how don't we hear the Earth scream ; when she is in so much pain!!!

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