DOG VS HYENA – Shepherd dog vs Hyena , Real Fight (2021)

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Hyena is one of the Predator which hunt and kill livestock animals in territory of Anatolian, Iran, Central Asia and more. This Asia Hyena are powerfull and dangerous animals . the shepherd dog /sheepdog has to deal with such a predator and face off many times . Aboriginal shepherd dog of Azia are brave and powerful animals they cooperate in pack and defeat the Predators sometimes by neutralise them before they attack on flock . sometimes by keeping them in distance . Predators are greedy they just don't kill just for food they butcher the flock if they don't find dog or human resistance . Livestock Guardian dog need to protect the herd with any price they are high level of working dog they are not pets. They are the architect of livestock . These images are the reality what happened in Nature when livestock guardian dog and Predators face off . Because Asia caucasian and Balkan practice archaic livestock feeding the livestock in nature not in intensive farms . The shepherd which recorded keep the insurance distance because is dangerous when Shepherd dog and Predators combat each other . In 98 % of Predators escape with injuries , livestock guardian dogs get injures too some of them are fatal injuries . This is The Real Life OF shepherd in Azia , Caucasus, Balkan etc . Every day they struggle alot . For they this is the only source of income , from livestock they feed their family and if the dog can't guard they will dilapidated . Dont Forget to SUBSCRIBE LIKE & SHARE HB Kennel video.

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