Diversity & Inclusion Success Begins with Mental Health – 2020 (Actionable!)

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Today you're going to learn EXACTLY how to diversity and inclusion is influenced by mental health.

In fact, in this video, I'm going to explain why I think that mental health should be addressed as the foundation of diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace.

With that, here's a quick overview of what's in the video:

Diversity and Inclusion is a popular topic that’s frequently making headlines. Companies are doing their best with diversity and inclusion training to address things like stereotypes and biases in order to make sure everyone feels included and supported.

But I would argue that something is still missing and that thing is addressing the mental health of those in the workplace. I believe that mental health is the forgotten part of D&I. And to really succeed with diversity and inclusion best practices, we need to make mental health awareness the base of it. Here’s why:

People challenges and mental health challenges go hand-in-hand
Delegation efforts are impacted by your mental health and unknown biases
Addressing your mental health helps you become more self-aware which is a key to fixing diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Fear of offending others can stem from stereotypes and biases we don’t realize that we have

There is a mistaken belief that therapists are just for those struggling with a diagnosed mental health disorder. In reality, a therapist can help in many ways as I discuss in the video.

Mental health impacts both productivity and profitability. Making sure that your people are emotionally well will go a long way in helping you get your diversity and inclusion efforts off the ground.

In short, this video will give you a few actionable ways that you can address mental health to improve D&I efforts. Mike Veny video.

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