Deer Park Delhi | Hauz Khas Village | A must visit place in Delhi

Deer Park Delhi | Hauz Khas Village | A must visit place in Delhi

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In this video, we are going to take you on a wonderful ride to the deer park. Deer Park is a famous picnic spot in Delhi. It is located near Hauz Khas metro station. Please get away at gate no 2 of Hauz Khas metro station and take an auto to the deer park. Deer Park is comprised of three parts

1. Deer Enclosure: When you go straight inside deer park after a short distance you will find this deer enclosure. Inside the deer park, you will find plenty of beautiful deers. There is one beautiful peacock inside the deer park She roams here and there inside the park. You are not allowed to feed these deers but trust me if you feed them you will feel amazed. Trust me they are very cute.
2. Rabbit Enclosure: When go enter deer park then in the left side you will find a rabbit enclosure. There are a bunch of rabbits inside this enclosure. They are very cute.You can play with these rabbits .deer park is very beautiful place in delhi.
3. Hauz Khas Lake: Hauz Khas Lake is wonderful lake situated inside the deer park . Hauz Khas lake is made by

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History of Hauz Khas :

The water tank that was built during [Alauddin Khilji]โ€˜s reign (1296โ€“1316) in the second city of Delhi to meet the water supply needs of the newly built fort at Siri, was originally known as Hauz-i-Alai after Khilji. But Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1351โ€“88) of the Tughlaq dynasty re-excavated the silted tank and cleared the clogged inlet channels. The tank was originally of about 50 ha (123.6 acres) area with dimensions of 600 m (1,968.5 ft) width and 700 m (2,296.6 ft) length with 4 m (13.1 ft) depth of water. When built, its storage capacity at the end of each monsoon season was reported to be 0.8 Mecum. Now the tank size has substantially reduced due to encroachment and siltation but is well maintained in its present state .
Hauz Khas Lake
Feruz Shah who ruled from his new city called the Firozabad (now known as Feroz Shah Kotla) โ€“ the fifth city of Delhi โ€“ was an enlightened ruler. He was known for "his keen sense of historical precedent, statements of dynastic legitimacy and the power of monumental architecture". He is credited with the construction of new monuments (several mosques and palaces) in innovative architectural styles, irrigation works and renovating/restoring old monuments such as the Qutub Minar, Sultan Ghari and Suraj Kund, and also erecting two inscribed Ashokan Pillars, which he had transported from Ambala and Meerut in Delhi. At Hauz Khas, he raised several monuments on the southern and eastern banks of the reservoir

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