Dark Souls 3 | ULTIMATE Gank Spank Strength Build – SL40

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Hi guys, in this video i am continuing with a weekly Dark Souls 3 PvP video flow.Where i am going to be streaming over on Twitch, doing mainly PvP and Invasions and uploading the highlights of it on Youtube.This time we are enjoying ourself with a SL40 Strength Build, invading in the Crucifixion Woods, Catacombs of Carthus & the Farron Keep. I was in a hunt for ganks, unfortuneatly only got a few of them, maybe next time i will hopefully find more of those guys .Hope you guys will enjoy :D.
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00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Invasion #1
02:15 - Invasion #2
04:35 - Invasion #3
05:29 - Invasion #4
06:29 - Invasion #5
08:54 - Invasion #6
12:46 - Invasion #7
15:33 - Invasion #8
18:54 - Invasion #9
19:35 - Outro

The style of this video is similar to Oroboro and ChaseTheBro in parts. A large influence on this channel are those guys and of course PvPSkillz .I give my thanks to these guys that inspire my content ๐Ÿ˜€

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