D-Man – Untamed Heart

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I need no conformation from anyone for me to be myself
Is it true what they say about easy come the easier the left
You gotta water up your soil for your seeds to really give birth
When it's all set and sunny you realise that ain't even you turf
For what its worth
I ain't gotta hit a strip club to get a little excitement , I just log on the gram where woman do wild thangs
For the change or should disengage I know this might be sensitive but listen anyway
I hope you really happy and I hope this is a phase
I hope you do investments with some zeros in your wage
I hope you own you moment cos every girl you influenced is growing fast and shes keen to have your place
Black is beautiful I'm caught in amaze
That should make you understand why it causes outrage
Because of my skin color, I'm labeled as being other this shit is such a disease that we need to engrave
Lets take a moment for the things that really matter
We got opponents thats just how the system's set up
We seem to rise above it on some any given whether
That gives me living hope for everything goin' be better


Unstable, unstable me
Igniting the cable we living in a world war street
Silence I can't find
I can't hide
Living to get by
Parent my main pride
I can't lie
Vision is 3rd eye


GBV is really taking its toll
When you abusing a woman just know you ripping her soul
Apart from you thinking that you regaining control
Betraying all your ethics like protection you owe
No, that ain't the way go
We need to stand in arms, we need to set a goal
Where love over fear dominates in our society and every single person makes you feel like you at home
Depression is such a challenge
We live everyday as we can manage
We always okay that got me saddened
Until the next suicide note like it's embedded
Fight the evil and let the good live
Free my people thats on some hood ish
I'm tying all my lose grip
Applying that on my new script
And thats a fools wish Mvangeli video.

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