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Some interesting Rabbit Facts.

โ€ขA Baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is a doe and a male is the buck.
โ€ขRabbits like to live in groups. They live in tunnels covered with rooms that they dig underground.
โ€ขRabbit teeth become taller when they grow. The rafters are worn by them to be put down when the rabbits eat grass and vegetables.
โ€ขRabbits do an athletic leap called a "binky" when they're happy and do twists and kicks in mid air.
โ€ขThe rabbits can see most of the way around them because of their eyes keeping their head on the sides. This is a way to keep a close watch and look out for potential predator while they are in the vicinity of their business.
โ€ขSimilar to pets, happy rabbits make a pleasurable sound when they're relaxed.
โ€ขRabbits can jump as much as 90 centimeters in a single leap, which is amazing.
โ€ขThe best feature of a rabbit their ears are long. Rabbits grow to 10 cm in length and can turn their ears 180 degrees to keep track of their prey.
โ€ขOne of the world's best loved rabbits, the Warner Bros cartoon character Bugs Bunny, is often seen eating a carrot. Rabbits and carrots aren't good partners, and rabbits may be upset if they eat too many carrots.
โ€ขRabbits are great baby-makers. Mother rabbits give birth to up to 14 baby rabbits in a single litter during the 28-31 day period. Animal Videos video.

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