CSS Specificity Explained Part 6 | CSS Selectors Pseudo Elements | CSS tutorial for beginners

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This css tutorial is part 6 of the css specificity series tutorials and demonstrates how to use the Pseudo elements and what are the selectors rules for using pseudo elements. In this part, I will be teaching you about ::first-letter and ::first-line pseudo elements. By using ::first-letter, you can style the first letter of a line and how the styling can be done will be shown to you in this tutorial. The ::first-line pseudo element styling will allow you to style the first line in a given paragraph with different lines as shown in this example tutorial.

The complete code source for this tutorial is available at : https://jsitor.com/TIoRbezQb
I will be teaching the rest of the lesson Pseudo elements on ::selection and also ::before and ::after in the forthcoming tutorials, so watch out for these tutorials in this week and the coming weeks.

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