Cryptos on the Streets | Episode 1 – Ten(10) Business and Shops that Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Make-payments with cryptos or cryptocurrency like bitcoin(BTC) when you shop from these businesses that accept cryptos as a form of payment for goods and services with travel, sports, electronics, tech, gadgets, food, grocery, clothing, hotels, rentals, rents airlines tickets, online payments, pharmacy, medication-drugs, yoga clothes, websites, vacation, drinks, burgers, bbq, gas, car-rental, internet services, meals, flights, concerts, music, movies, videos, photos, art, tuition, school, memberships, etc. Top companies that accept crypto, merchants now accepting cryptocurrency, spending your cryptocurrency, business owners accepting crypto, calling all business to accept cryptocurrency, and more. Follow us on Twitter @andromedaguard. Top 5 Cryptos for 2020 -- What's the Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 ? Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially forming a bullish bottom?How to Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio? How To Buy Guides?Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum? Bitcoin Wallets? Tune in daily to find the latest Bitcoin and Crypto news and trends.
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