Creative People Who Are On Another level

Creative People Who Are On Another Level

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Creative People Who Are On Another Level

Are these some of the most creative and mind-blowing artists you’ve ever seen? Yeah.. thought so!

The artists selected for this video are extremely creative people who look forward to the wonderful challenge of making a new creation that has never been seen before. Lettering, sand drawings, fire, digital drawing, paper-folding, colourful dots… You name it!

Creativity has many shapes, forms and ways to be expressed through art. And at Cool we think that with commitment, training and some knowledge, everyone can develop a creative mind!

Hey! Don't forget to check out the artists' full work:

He’s been passionate about drawing since a young age, by the time he would be 26 years old he wanted to be a good/great artist known internationally, And now, passed the age of 26 years old, he is one of the most special and different artists in the world.

Brandon Rolin is a Colorado artist who specializes in dot paintings. Using thousands of colorful dots he creates intricate compositions that result in a feast for the eye. It's fascinating that dots are so simple by nature, yet they combine to create very complex and beautiful patterns.

Ilka managed to immortalize the beauty of the fluid art into solid pieces. She can simulate the sea foam in a solid crystal: the beach in your hand!

Gal Shir is a young digital artist. What does it mean to be a digital artist? It means that his pieces are not made on paper. They are made on a digital screen, which make them even more special and mesmerizing to watch!

James is an artist somewhat different from the rest. His talent is based on the drawing of handmade commercial logos. He is a lettering artist who shares his creative process through technique workshops, public speaking, and creating viral art videos.

"Beatrix is a mixed-media artist, with a strong focus on watercolor and line-work. Her aesthetics consists mainly in experimenting with intricate flowing lines, which she often incorporates into abstract and/or fantasy pieces.

Yolande loves drawing patterns, and we love the patterns she draws! The artist from Brisbane, Australia, also sells stickers and prints of her handmade works!

A landscape in an amulet. The way this amazing artist can recreate so realistic landscapes in a little resin amulet will amuse you in so many ways. Check him, it's worth it!


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This is pure creativity! This artist make sculptures out of books by folding the pages. Yes, not easy to understand how. So check his profile and see it yourself. It's amazing! Cool video.

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