Crash Like This

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HENRIETTE announces her EP for Valentineโ€™s Day and releases today with passionate audacity her new Country Pop single โ€œCrash Like Thisโ€ along with its music video

When falling in love, the world consists of opposites. Feeling cold and hot, the world is spinning slowly and fast at the same time, the sense of time is lost while racing through the galaxy in slow motion. At this moment many slam on the brakes and get back to reality. But isnโ€™t it much better to simply devote to it, lose control, let go, step on the gas and crash with 100 % abandon? This is exactly what HENRIETTE invites to in her new single โ€œCrash Like Thisโ€ with passionate audacity. With the third single taken from her EP, to be released on February 14th, 2020, via Dr. Music Records, HENRIETTE now shows her feisty side after the successful, charming Indian Summer catchy tune โ€œDream Boyโ€ ( and the melancholic โ€œLighthouseโ€ ( The German Country Pop shooting star expresses these euphoric, stormy emotions in the music video produced by Liam Ethan Salzmann: Henriette video.

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