Colombo gets its Own Turkish franchise

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Dassa Vlogs episode 12 was more of a casual chat with one of my old mates, I met Ishantha back in 2014 and It's been 6 years since I've actually got a chance to hang out with him.

In March 2020, I was on my way to Malaysia for a long transit so I knew Ishantha was living in KL so I decided to drop him a message, at the time COVID19 was not that bad but still, it was just emerging, But at the time Ishantha was travelling around Japan and we couldn't meet up.

When I started filming Dassa Vlog Ep 9, I was contacting my friends to see who was interested in doing a Vlogs but at the time there was a lockdown in place so nobody was allowed to meet up.

Ishantha contacted me via Insta last month and told me about his new venture and I got to know that Ishantha was one of the co-owners of this new Turkish restaurant called Twister So I quickly contacted him and expressed my interest to do a Vlog and he agreed so as a result, I managed to do a Vlog with him.

With all the restrictions it was very difficult to get camera equipment so I salvaged a couple of cameras which I had at home and filmed this VLOG.

So It's not as technical as the previous episode. Still working on getting that Audio sorted please forgive me if I suck at editing audio.

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Q: So every episode I shoot some scenes from a Hollywood inspired movie to guess which movie I have taken on this episode?

Special thanks go to my dear friend Ishantha Ratnayake
Directed and edited by Eashaan Dassanayaka
Special mention: Niren W for assisting me and Aindra R
Colombo gets its Own Turkish franchise video.

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