Coffee face mask for a glowing skin

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This coffee face mask is used on a damaged face with acnes/pimples/darkspots or circles in order to achieve a better glowing skin.
I use these 5 ingredients; RICE
because of their benefits on the skin.which include:
1.Rice has primary ingredients in it that acts as antiinflamatory and antioxidants that prevents skin from aging and also offers protection from sunburn.
2.Rice flour has abit course texture which makes it excellent to be used as scrub.
3.Rice helps remove dak circles under eye.
4.Egg white has a Lysozyme which kills acne-causing bacteria/reduces acne
5.It also helps in pores tightening
6.Egg white is best for Oily skin
7.It also has a similar benefit of under eye dark circles removal
8.Coffee acts as acne treatment
9.It also removes under eye dark circles
10.Improves blood circulation
11.Removes dead skin
13.Coffee also adds skin glow.

This mask is applied/scrubbed on the face and neck ,left on the face for15-30 minutes then washed with lukewarm water.

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