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Coconut kernel pudding is a tasty dessert which contains less than 100 calories and loved by all age group of people. It has a great nutrition value.

Follow these easy steps to make it:
1. Coconut water (1 litre)
2. Sugar (1/2 cup) {it's great without sugar also}
3. China Grass (1 pack)
4. Coconut kernel (for decoration)

Take the coconut water in a cooking pan, add sugar and china grass in it. Stir until the china grass dissolves in to the coconut water. It takes only few minutes to be done !
Now in a serving bowl, add minced coconut kernel and the liquid mixture. Let it rest for 2 hours in a cool place. I kept it in the fridge.
THANKS FOR WATCHING ! Nazifa Rashid video.

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