Chicken in the oven and full of shrimp

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Peace be upon you, my brothers, my sisters, today I made a wonderful recipe and appetite, everyone knows it, but we disagree with each other about the details that make the pleasure differ. Follow us and you will not regret. (Chicken in the oven and full of shrimp and champaign)
Chicken - 250 gr croft - Shaminiu tray - Chinese lattice weeping - metal slice - half sliced โ€‹โ€‹olive slice - half cup of oud oil.
El Sharmoula: a cup with only a quarter of sour or sour juice, ground crushed - 8 cloves of garlic - tender czar - two tablespoons of jabir knife - two spoons of turmeric - one tablespoon of red pepper - half a tablespoon of black pepper - two tablespoons chased - harissa, according to taste - two tablespoons of sweet soda - salt to taste. Ilham video.

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