Cherishing Qurantine | Seema Behl | Principal, Brain International School, New Delhi

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Seema Behl, Brain International School, Vikashpuri, New Delhi speaks about uncertainties in life and how to be positive in challenging situations,
There were uncertainty in past & there'll be in future, but how we walk through those times matter; Mrs. Seema Behl, Principal, talks about handling complexities in life and suggests mastering the basics is the way around.

She urges every parent to take care of their child as due to spread of coronavirus and lock down, children would be stressed, so it is primary that health of students must be focused on.

She discusses about positive parenting and gives a very important tip to parents that connection comes before correction, she advises every parent to focus on their child's mental health as everything may come and go but health is something that cannot be compromised with.

In the end she advise all to stay safe during the lock down.
She thanks Entab for this opportunity to speak to students, parents and fellow educators and making her part of this initiative to uplift the education system in India .
Entab thanks her for being part of CampusCare Live.

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