Can Religion cure Sufferings?

Can Religion cure Sufferings? | Miteiya |

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A religion that cannot eliminate sufferings is an unsuccessful religion. The prime responsibility of any religion has to be the cure of sufferings.

Miteiya compares agony of Jesus Christ with perpetual pain of Prometheus. He speaks about 3 other brothers of Prometheus, who are also the cause of pain. Miteiya speaks about Prometheus, who keeps us in future. Epimetheus, who keeps us in past. Atlas, who fills us with unwanted responsibilities and Menoetius, who makes us forget our spiritual powers and possibilities.

Human civilization is yet another reason of pain. We generally bundle our pains with pains of the world and anticipate God to eliminate them. It will never happen. We need to suspend our judgment regarding the pains of the world. Once we attain the β€œSuspension of Judgment”, we would have cleared our Vishudha Chakra. Vishudha chakra is elimination of all sufferings. Miteiya video.

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