BVK [Bai Veetu Kalyanam Biriyani] Review | மட்டன் & சிக்கன் பிரியாணி | Awesome Life Tamil

This is the first time we are tasting BVK (Bai Veetu Kalyana Biriyani). They have become famous in and around Chennai.They pack Biriyani in an aluminum container and they name it as Vaali. The packaging was so neat. Coming to the biriyani, both the biriyani was the same as wedding biriyani. The aroma and the flavor were top notch. I loved it. The Biriyani had enough count of Chicken and mutton. Along with it, I got Onion Raitha, Brinjal, Bread halwa, and Sweet Beeda. The Mutton Biryani I just loved, it made me go for another and another round. A very big thumbs up. Awesome L:ife Tamil video.

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