Breaking Hip-Hop news promo, video, and newmusic [ Lord Guts ]

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Breaking Hip-Hop news is a promo video showcasing the new single by Lord Guts.
Titled [the news] this single is on it's way up.
Also on the road to breaking new barriers we have 808 west.
Literally laying the track down for the hip-hop locomotive Lord Guts.
To spice it up it was imperative to add background vocals from Lefay.
And if you like the sound and you're an artist. Invest in yourself feel me. Go the Atlanta, google A.B.S studios, link with Neo man. [Producer] Cause I'm about about to drop more new music man.
I'm so high the prototype man.
All that's left is to take ya'll on this journey creating the video right here on Youtube so stay tuned.
You'll also fine video of fun and funny times.
So don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Peace!!!!! Lord Guts video.

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