Bodi Hills to Munnar City

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Munnar is a popular tourist spot in the state of Kerala and the most sought out place for getaways, trips, and honeymoon. With the country’s highest hill stations and best plantations, Munnar has always been a delightful treat for everyone. The weather, the view, the experience and activities at Munnar not only makes people happy but also woos the body and mind. With the absolute and stunning beauty of Mother Nature, Munnar is the no.1 place for an ideal trip if you are in South India and Madurai to Munnar is one of the most popular ways to reach Munnar.
Stretched out green fields that cover the land, mountains and wondrous rivers adorn the beautiful place. The misty weather adds to the beauty of the place and cools your body and mind.

What makes Munnar special is that the weather is so addictive and the views are breathtaking. You can feel the pleasure of the moment and do not stress over. Munnar, with the peaceful green backdrop and mountains, will definitely offer you the perfect getaway you always wish for.

A minimum of three days is required if you are planning to go to Munnar. It can extend up to any number of days, depending upon your interest and budget. If you are going on- road by car, bike or bus, it takes about 3 to 4 hours or even 5 to 6 hours to reach Munnar. A properly budgeted trip gets you three nights and two days at Munnar. An elongated trip to wander all through the terrains of Munnar to enjoy every bit and inch and having lots of fun with the adventure sports will take you 5 nights and 6 days. Munnar is a perfect destination and easily accessible from Madurai.
Taking a car or bike and riding towards Munnar is a whole lot of thrilling experience compared to other modes of transportation. If you are a person who loves to ride, picking a bike lets you enjoy the charm of nature. Before starting the trip, do make sure that you get a proper feedback on the road and climatic conditions. For holidaymakers, an on-road traveling to Munnar from Madurai guarantees breathtaking views and pleasant climate. The tea breaks are a necessity not only for refreshment but to taste the best of tea in India. divine tamil video.

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