Blues Solo Guitar Exercise 2. Rock Me Baby.

Blues Solo Guitar Exercise 2. Rock Me Baby.

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How To Play Blues Guitar Solo?
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Blues Solo Guitar Exercise 2.
Rock Me Baby. BB King's Style.
Intermediate/Advanced Level

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I played this short blues guitar solo just to show you for your study. This solo is from B.B. King's landmark "Rock Me Baby". It was recorded in 1958, but it was finally issued in 1964 as a Kent single, and the tune was subsequently covered by Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and many more.

It's interesting that B.B. King played a simple guitar rhythm riff, that's rare in the King catalog.

Pay attention to the 12th bar on the first chorus. You can continue to play the guitar riff on I chord or play one-measure turnaround like me. Note quarter string bend, half note string bend with index finger,especially for "Rake" playing method on the 10th bar, and on the last two measure turnaround. B.B. King played a traditional descending melody turnaround. He seldom played the traditional turnaround lick like that.

Thank you for watching! BlueTone H video.

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