Big jewelry discount, price starts just $0 01, Ring, Pendant Necklace, Earrings

Fiance valentines gift, buy a gift for her, 1 dollar, 50rs, 100rs but seems 100 dollars

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1. Luxury Solitaire Wedding Ring (Disc. 95% + 2%)
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2. Silver wedding Rings (Disc. 30% + )
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3. Love Heart Silver Pendant Necklace Disc. 37% + 2%)
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4. Snake Personality Clip Earrings Disc. 56% + )
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5. Drop Zircon Clip Earrings (Disc. 37% + )
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6. Genuine Black Spinel Ring (Disc. 35% + )
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7. Genuine Silver Necklace (Disc. 40% + )
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8. Heart Earrings (Disc. 45% + 5%)
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9. Green Stone Drop Earrings (Disc. 58% + )
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10. Coins Chains Pearl Necklaces (Disc. 49% + 5%)
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