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Title: Bhain Sugraa Tera Jhoola
Singer : Madam Kousar Japani
DOP: Adnan Sami
Editor: Adnan Sami
Selection: Ray Maqbool
Best Cooperation: Sir Mehbob Malik
Published By
Adnan Sami
Label :
Kousar Japani Sangeet (KJ Sangeet)
Kousar Japani Sangeet has well equipped, in-house, quality voice recording Studio, a Production house for shooting dramas, Telefilms, songs and live shows and an ultra-modern, soundproof facility for indoor live audio and video shootings. With its excellent infrastructure, state of the art equipment, dedicated team of experts, countrywide distribution network, and participation of most popular artists, the performance of Kousar Japani Sangeet remains outstanding in its area of business.
Introduction of Madam Kousar Japani Owned Channel Kousar Japani New Noha video.

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