Beyond Time & Space by Wai Lana (Official Music Video)

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"Beyond Time & Space" brings ancient yoga wisdom to life in an immersive journey that is heart touching, deeply meditative, and highly entertaining. The gorgeous scenes not only span centuries but also traverse landscapes that are literally out of this world.

Rich with spiritual depth, inspiration, and wisdom, "Beyond Time & Space" fuses captivating music, lyrics, and cinematography in a way that only Wai Lana can.

Join her on an unforgettable odysseyβ€”from the pyramids of Egypt to modern city streets, from a planet covered in red molten lava to a boat tossed and turned by the tumultuous sea, from a heavenly pink flower forest to magnificent ancient China.

Wherever Wai Lana’s search takes her, the longing and emotion in her lyrics and voice are as mesmerizing as the stunning visuals. Wai Lana video.

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