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DREAM is the first step to be success because goal setting comes after when you have a Dream, a desire, a want and interest then the beauty of your fantasy and dream may force you to try to make your Dream true, everybody Is born with different nature their lankness and dislikes are different their ability and interest are different and on that basis they Dream and to do things in life. if their Dream is strong then they may put their effort to achieve that Dream but if there is no dream and they are forced by situation to do things in life which does not match with inner quality ability and interest then the whole life they would have to compromise with the work what they chose. many people does not Dream they think that they are not born to do something great due to environment of their family, race, color and community for example in India there was a time when a group of people were consider to be as untouchable so if they were try to do something better then they need to pay for it but one man (Baba Sahib Bheem Rao Ambedkar) who has written the constitution of India was from that group but he did not limited his dream, he dreamed wildly which forced him to fight to fulfill his dream, due to the desire of his dream he achieved that position which a common man could not imagine, so dream should not stopped we should not hesitate because if there is no dream then there is no desire of fire to achieve that dream, so in life to be success first step is to dream with your heart, who knows tomorrow? your dream become true. This is a MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO in which I tried to motivate you that you Dream and Dream without care about failure and success just first dream learn to Dream because you are special so you have all rights to dream and dream high. jubair ahmed video.

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