Best Motivational Talk by Pooja Sharma on Tune into your Inner Voice

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Tune into your Inner Voice | Dabung Girl Talk by Pooja Sharma | Motivational

In this Dabung Girl Talk, Pooja Sharma, a social entrepreneur, shares her message with young girls: β€˜..there are going to be a lot of voices from the outside that offer you advice, especially to women. One needs to cut out the noise and tune in to their inner voice.’

Pooja Sharma is a management graduate and has spent several years in the corporate world helping product owners and businesses grow, transform, and reinvent themselves in an ever-changing world. She led various strategic initiatives for an Education major, whilst also serving on the board and governance bodies of not-for-profit foundations and schools in a non-executive capacity. Over the years, she has also advised and mentored various socially-oriented ventures globally. Dabung Girl video.

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