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Bart Simpsons S 31 E 20 Cho Cho Warrin Priests ,
Simpsons Bart S 31 E 20 Priests Warrin Cho cho
The Simpsons Warrin Priests Cho Cho ,

The Simpsons season 31, episode 20, β€œWarrin’ Priests Part Two,” concludes the epic story of Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.’s mythic battle for the reclamation of The First Church of Springfield. The winner is the audience because the story ran well in a two-part arc.

It’s rare The Simpsons turns in hour-long stories. The couch gag opening who shot Mr. Burns. Jimbo also scores a memorable sight gag as he takes keys for valet parking for the newly crowded church and joy rides them straight to hell.

Lisa is the most prominent Simpson during the episode, much like she was when Todd Flanders was filled with doubt. Lisa is so happy she may have found a faith, it moves her to song. Because when she hears the new preacher sermonize, with those hazel eyes, everything comes together. β€œI’ve got Buddha, I’ve got science and now Jesus makes three,”

Lisa gets the opening song but Mr. Burns has the original scriptures, encased in glass. He’s always been more devilish shredding the evidence before the Roman Catholic Church gets a hold of it.

The new preacher, Bode, believes religion started as a way to connect people, and he wants to reconnect it, like a broken ligament. This moves Dr. Hubbard in a spiritual way, and Dr. Nick educationally.

The New Evangelical Deacon, who we know by his acronym, Ned. He is a traditionalist who likes brimstone with his fire and not that fancy name-brand brimstone either. That only leads to the temptation of covet, and Homer’s got enough of that for the whole town. Ned is the person who puts Bibles in hotel rooms, and if it weren’t that he had a rule against it, he would be β€œHomer Simpsoning ” out of church before the minister gave his blessing.

Homer’s confessions are classic, Bode asks whether this Flanders guy ever annoys Homer, it takes not one, but two spit-takes before the Simpson dad calmly replies β€œfrom time to time.” Homer also assumes that when he goes to the church’s β€œAloha Sunday Meeting,” that this is what it must be like if they β€œbelieved in god in Hawaii.”
Reverend Lovejoy is on his mission to reveal the mysterious past of the popular preacher.

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