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Bart Simpsons S 31 E 19 One Part Warrin Priests ,
Simpsons Bart S 31 E 19 Part One Priests Warrin ,
The Simpsons Warrin Priests one Part ,

The Simpsons season 31, episode 19, “Warrin’ Priests (Part One),” promises, or threatens to be an epic. The plot focuses on the Reverend Lovejoy being out-pulpeted by a hipper and more charismatic pastor. This is a conflict the series has explored quite a few more times than once.

The Simpsons saints have been known to walk out of Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.’s ministrations and making an audience sit through a double dose of the First Church of Springfield could be like sitting through two sermons on a Sunday. Luckily, there’s a catch, and it’s not just the one in Lovejoy’s throat.

There’s a new testament? Bode, who answered an ad Helen Lovejoy placed on Gods List, makes his entrance like the first time you see Jebus in a Jesus movie. We don’t see his face right away, but we know he exudes beatific magnificence from the moment Chief Wiggum first lays eyes on him. He even offers to give him his gun, Bode seems perfect, he’s got Masters in Divinity and enough arm for a group hug. His very presence threatens the Reverend from every angle.

Bode moves from the hotel across the street from Springfield’s tire fire to the top of Lovejoy’s beloved train set. This leads to homeless foot washing, made better by the promise of pedicures, and a Bingo bashing, which is made better by Grandpa Simpson playing off a monthly calendar.

The First Church of Springfield is more than a place of worship. It is also a place for gatherings, and when Marge and Homer go for counseling, the Church advertises it on the marquee sign. They are really desperate for parishioners.

Bode’s initial sermonizing prowess comes quickly. Even the church organist celebrates the promise of an early release and I’m pretty sure she’s paid by the note. by the end of his sermonizing the place is almost packed.

Bode’s introduction Jesus would’ve loved it. He leaves two notions on the flock. On the surface they appear to be divergent. Homer sees the young pastor, in his white shirt, and imagines this is what a real Jesus concert must have been like. Ned sees a devil playing guitar with his tail.

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