Bart Simpsons S 31 E 13 Frinkcoin

Bart Simpsons S 31 E 13 Frinkcoin

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The Simpsons S 31 E 13 Frinkcoin
Simpsons 31 13 Frinkcoin
The Simpsons Frinkcoin ,

The Simpsons Season 31 Episode 13

Professor Frink finally gets a payoff in The Simpsons, season 31, episode 13, "Frinkcoin." Not only because he finally invents something which has economic value, but because he headlines a tight and ultimately sweet episode, which is neither forced nor rushed.

This episode begins when Marge and Homer take the family out to dinner and Bart figures his parents are sucking up to Lisa so one will be picked as the topic of her Springfield Elementary paper. He dissembles the whole thing as a scam to pit one parent against the other. This subtly mocks all family-based academia and early learning and development. The first conclusion jumps to the niceties is that they're celebrating Lisa's last meal.

While all Homer can say for himself is he occasionally pays his taxes, So Lisa writes about Professor Frink, Professor Frink opens up entirely to Lisa, possibly because she is a fellow nerd. He tells her his parents had great chemistry, no love, but great chemistry. In spite of a promising beginning, Frink regrets he never quite had his breakthrough, or as he puts it: in a world full of Einsteins,

he Simpsons and his recollections make it sound like Frink's done nothing. But this is the man who invented hamburger earmuffs, robot bears and helped Mr. Burns capture the Loch Ness monster. He finally thinks he's putting his mind to financial use with his latest invention, a new kind of cryptocurrency.

apparently cryptocurrency will be the cash of the future once the bugs are worked out. You will keep it in your computer, not in your wallet, and it is all maintained on the cloud. Frink's reinvention of the dollar catches on. The Simpsons extend that with a pretty good, but obvious visual joke about staring a hedge fund. It propels the town's resident mad scientist into the top financial position and makes Frink even richer than Mr. Burns, who thinks cryptocurrency is the cash he keeps in his crypt.

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