Autumn Forest Walk Fall Nature Relax Walk Colorful Fallen Leaves

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This is a autumn forest walk from last year fall nature relax walk throughout colorful fallen leaves on a beautiful path in wild woods (Video with Music!)

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I present you a virtual nature relax walk video with music based on my autumn forest walk through the colorful fallen leaves in my way to the mountains. I filmed this video in an awesome day, in October last year, this autumn forest walk on the beautiful rural path with colorful fallen leaves was very enjoyable for me and I hope will bring joy for all of you.

There was so much quiet in that hot wheater, not so much nature sounds in that particular day. So. I have decided that I will make a video with music.

I encourage everyone to try hiking like this on forest trails through the colored autumn forest, surrounded only by nature sounds. A relaxing forest walk, a fall nature walk on a beautiful autumn road enjoying that wonderful colorful fallen leaves.

So, this was my Autumn Forest Walk a quick Fall Nature Relax Walk in Forest, in fact it was an Autumn Trip through Colorful Fallen Leaves, a real Autumn Trip on this wild path to the mountains. Here is a virtual forest walk, a forest hike, a video with music.

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Camera: MI Drone 4K
Video Resolution: FullHD 1920x1080
Type: Relaxing Nature Soundscape
Video: Gabriel Gaina /
Music: Jukedeck - Flaming Secrets
A GreenSphera Video Production for ESCAPE!


Filmed with a Mi Drone 4K camera handheld and walking on beautiful rural pathway as a relaxing Autumn Forest Walk.

I have used the following settings: 4K 3840x2160, 60fps and downsized in post-production to Full HD, 1920x1080, 24fps.

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