Are You More Salty ? | INFO SPOT

Are You More Salty ? | INFO SPOT

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Are You More Salty ? | INFO SPOT
Are You More Salty ? | INFO SPOT

Salt is a Chemical Compound called " SODIUM CHLORIDE ".
From our childhood we developed a habit of adding salt in a
food, more than a required amount !.
We human needs only 6gms of salt everyday.
Adequate intake of salt helps fluid balance, nerve transmission
and Muscle function of our body !
Immoderate salt increases the Blood Pressure !
We cannot deny the truth, often we cook these delicious
meat and fish with excess oil and Salt for more taste !
Did you know? The excessive salt increases the risk of kidney stones
and the most rigorous Stomach Cancer !
If you are fond or more likely foods such as flavoured
chips, Fried items,i.e., Meat, Fish or Dry Fish,
Tinned food products consume less quantity of it.
What could be the solution ?
Raw Fruits & Vegetables could reduce the excess deposition of salt
in our body. Simultaneously, it improves or increases the
concentration of potassium in the body !
The minimal extent of refined salt without the added preservative salt is,
good for health. It is the healthiest "SEA SALT".

NOTE : Avoiding salt totally in your daily diet
lead to "HYPONATREMIA". Absence of sodium in our body
brings the extreme dangerous symptoms such as Dizziness,
Vommiting, Coma and Death,
Remember to reduce the excess consumption of salt in your
everyday meal.
Remember to consume, for a healthy diet consume only
required amount of salt {SODIUM}. Which regulated fluid balance in our body.
So we don't become dehydrated.
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