Among Us Hackers & How they do it (Breaking the game)

Among Us Hackers & How they do it (Breaking the game)

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Among Us is getting broken because of bunch of hackers! Some players are using mod applications to hack Among Us by Ending Votes, always be the impostor, set no kill cooldown, end the game and make the crewmates win, or end the game and make the impostors win..etc.

I really can't understand how they are ENJOYING doing this! Hackers in Among Us aren't rewarded with anything other than the twisted satisfaction of ruining everyone else's day. Easy wins come with less excitement! If you're one of those Hackers, Please STOP doing this!

Twitter user Poco_BrawlStars posted a video of himself using hacks in Among Us with a lobby of friends in on the experiment to demonstrate what hackers are capable of. Among Us developer, InnerSloth is working on a fix with his team by making the servers better at detecting and blocking hacks and getting account systems in place.

Until the hacking situation had been dealt with, it is better to play with groups of people in private lobbies rather than public matches. Hopefully, InnerSloth will find a solution to Among Us hacking soon.

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