Aloe vera gel and Vitamin c for a clear face

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You can make aloe vera gel by yourself;

Vitamin c is also good for your skin.

Virgin aloevera gel is the best because

there are no additives to it for

preservations and any other reason.

Then after gel extraction from aloe

vera plant,

you can add vitamin c and blend well

together to mix evenly.

Apply on face in circular motion

Leave for few minutes to coat

Get papaya facial scrub ready

Apply it on face

Scrub gently in circular motions untill

everything ia absorbed

Wait for 10-20 minutes

Rinse off with warm water

Tap face dry with towel

Apply vitamin C face serum

You can use thia serum also as a

prima before applying makeup oryou

can just have the natural look the

whole day with the serum.

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