Affirmations For Better Health

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Hello Friends I am Ajay Warik Welcome to Spiritual Seeker please use your earphone while listening to these affirmations for better results. You can listen to it while sleeping, relaxing, meditating, or while working out.

Affirmations are like mantras or suggestion, which helps us to alter our state of mind. So it is good to hear is every day. The suggestion works effectively if heard when we are in the Alpha or Theta state of mind. We naturally go into this state while we go to sleep when we wake up or while meditating, so hearing at that time will have greater effects.

In this video, there are General Health Affirmations. If you have any specific health issues you can make your own affirmations. Just follow two rules:- First Affirmations should be a positive statement and Second, it should be in the present tense. For e.g. If I have a problem with my eyes I can say "My eyes are heeled right now" or "My eyesight is getting better day by day".

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