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Trending Videos

Watch the latest Trending Videos on Viral Chop Video Website

With the introduction of VIRAL CHOP trending video website, we present the trending category along with the latest videos. We try to pick the trending topics that are family friendly and will add value to your viewing experience. We have also redesigned the sidebar to show the most popular videos within that category along with the non obtrusive menubar above the videos which has a recent addition with a user friendly share videos menubar. Watch Trending Videos Here.

Viral Music Videos

Watch the latest Trending Music Videos on Viral Chop Video Website

Viral music videos have prevailed as one of the most lucrative and most viewed video categories on Youtube. In the early days, MTV generation’s made a big impact on the music industry and now YouTube has exploded with popular music videos which has boosted the music industry and is now making a not so surprising comeback! In this day and age, videos for major pop hits can rack up millions and even into the billions of view counts, and popular recording artists with official VEVO accounts have some of the largest subscription followings on YouTube. Now with so many new music videos appearing each week, VIRAL CHOP brings you the best of the best with the highest ratings and most viewed videos. Watch Viral Music Videos

Funny Viral Videos

Watch the latest Funny Videos on Viral Chop Video Website

The funny viral video category is here if you’re having a bad day or just want to have a good laugh. In this modern era where mobile phones and the internet are taking over everyday life, people are taking every opportunity to record events that will be entertaining in a comedically and humorist fashion. Many people are sharing funny videos on social media which can easily go viral and bring in millions of views. Watch Funny Viral Videos

Cryptocurrency Videos

Watch the latest Trending Cryptocurrency Videos on Viral Chop Video Website

Over the past few months, VIRAL CHOP has brought you a lot of videos trying to educate the world with the new hot topic addition of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but there’s still a ton left to cover. You could probably spend the rest of the year watching videos and learning about cryptocurrency and still have more questions that need to be answered. A large portion of the tech industry has moved toward this exciting new technology and while cryptocurrency will be a game changer, it will hopefully revolutionise the financial industry and make a new system of decentralisation an important part of our society. Learn More About Cryptocurrency

Viral Gaming Videos

Watch the latest Viral Gaming Videos on Viral Chop Video Website

Research shows that video games can be put to therapeutic and educational uses, as well as many studies revealing how playing video games can improve reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination. As AI and robotics replace your line of work and the human resources sector in general, many people will be earning an income online. Some of the top gamers are already earning millions playing video games. VIRAL CHOP has a collection of the best gaming videos with high ratings and millions of views, just hours after publishing new videos. Viral Gaming Videos.

User Submitted Videos

Watch the latest User Submitted Videos on Viral Chop Video Website



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