Abiogenesis – A Frien In Need – OST Enter My World

#Abiogenesis - A friend In Need - OST @ Enter My World

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Abiogenesis single β€˜A Friend In Need’ OST from their upcoming film β€˜Enter My World’ . One can get a glimpse of the film in this video.
Enter My World is a folk era fiction that is really going to be intriguing as it is a new form of musical with an exciting story. Calling it Howey musical, the songs are sung in Naga folk tunes (India) and the script is in English. It is full of drama with all its colours – the writer and her assistant on her research venture are caught by some hunters in the jungle and held captives in a Naga village suspecting them to be spies. They are surprised to find themselves in a world which is in the folk era. The end is electrifying with the tiger spirited man and the boar spirited man confronting each other and the writer and her assistant trying to flee. The unique and colourful Naga costumes and culture, along with the picturesque location of Nagaland will make this film a real treat. The film will be released soon on all major platforms.
Do watch the trailer @ : https://youtu.be/1gWtrpV9XxA
Please purchase the audio which is available to buy on all major digital platforms/stores. Abiogenesis video.

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