A Tethered Web of Evasion

Book Release - A Tethered Web of Evasion - Science Fiction Adventure

Seems that soon, Satellites or other payloads will be β€œlaunched” into orbit, without rockets, merely by attaching them to the tether with a machine that climbs, hauling the payload to the end of the cable and, then letting it go into space.
Scientists nearly finished building the elevator from Earth to space, plan to send up their first payload. It will be that shimmering bridge, between Earth and space allowing, mankind using solar power, to climb to the stars!
It dawns on a handful of scientists, and military members, that orbiting aliens could use the tether, and the climbing machine to overcome their, inability for their cargo craft to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and, β€œcome down” once the first payload is brought up.
Will the launch happen? What is the end game really on either side of the developing situation? How is it all going to be resolved? forhadsumon video.

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