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All Living Organisms require food. Humans need Healthy Food to survive energetically.
Sometimes we went through foodborne illness {FOOD POISONING}. This illness is caused by contaminated food.
The common causes of food poisoning is by the infectious MICRO ORGANISMS. Such as Bacteria, Virus , and Toxic Parasites. This hard organisms can live under extreme conditions.
This Microorganisms spoil our food & emits bad smell , changes the food color and taste.
Have you ever noticed, that, a Mango or Lime pickle stays in good condition for a long time. This is due to the preservatives by common chemical method. Let we see how this chemical methods prevent the food from becoming a poison.
#1. We add acid preservatives such as Oil, Vinegar & Salt to prevent the pickles from the attack of microbes.
Bacteria cannot live in environment , when Fruits, Vegetables, Fish & Meat are often preserved by the Chemical Method followed !
#2. It is mandatory to inhibit the growth of bacteria from spoiling food. SUGAR helps to reduce the Moisture Content.
Jellies, Squashes & Jams are preserved by sugar.
#3. Nowadays , in order to prevent the food items from Microbes attack , Dry Fruits and vegetables are sold in sealed air tight packets.
#4. Have you ever observed, Why does the Milk that comes in packets not spoiled? This is due to "PASTEURISATION".
To prevent the growth of harmful microbes the milk is heated to about 70 degree celsius for 15 to 30 seconds. The heated milk is then suddenly chilled and stored. This process was discovered by "LOUIS PASTEUR".
#5. Salt is the mineral constituents. Salt is presented larger quantities in sea water.
Do you know salt is used to preserve Meat and Fish for ages. Salt is a main ingriedient to preserve Raw Mangoes, Amla, Tamarind & Lime.
Remember always, this microbes or bacteria causes Vomiting, Nausea & Fever. Sometimes lead to more serious.
Prevent Your Food from Becoming a Poison.
There is no environment in which bacteria cannot survive. They can survive at depths of several kilometers.
Be aware of food poisoning ! Hope you like this Information.
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