5 psychological tricks to impress anyone you like

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This video contains 6 psychological ways to make someone like you instantly | Human psychology | Wasifacts

Fundamental techniques of handling people : https://youtu.be/Z0EQiAhMUSU

Psychology Is the Study of the Mind and Behavior
Psychology can be defined as the study of mental processes and behavior. The term comes from the Greek words psyche, meaning "breath, spirit, soul," and logia, meaning "study of."

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Psychology has not always existed as it has today. In fact, it is considered a relatively young discipline, although as one eminent psychologist explained, it has a short past but a long history.

Psychology emerged from biology and philosophy and is closely linked to other disciplines including sociology, medicine, linguistics, and anthropology.

Psychology has quickly grown to play a tremendous role in the world today. Psychologists are employed in hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, private businesses, and private practices. They perform a wide variety of tasks and roles ranging from treating mental illness to performing research to influencing public health policy.

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