4 Hours of Calm Atmospheric Music with Wind Ambience (Jiekŋa – Icy Mountains Extended)

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An extended four hour version of Jiekŋa - Icy Mountains Peaceful Ambient Music, with "wind" ambience and sound effects added. The peaceful yet cold feeling of mountains create a calming, relaxing, and beautiful atmosphere. Fantasy style original music with sounds of windy mountaintops enhancing the atmosphere.

Great for yoga, stress relief, sleep music, study music, meditation, or simply to relax and listen enjoying the mountain view.

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Arctic Audio makes atmospheric and ambient music both with and without ambient background sound effects. Calm, relaxing, and beautiful - great for study music, sleep music, reading music, yoga music, focus, meditation or stress relief music. The Arctic Audio music and videos are all original content created for Arctic Audio specifically, so you won't hear this music or see these videos anywhere else, nor are you going to see any already existing ambient music from games or films on this channel.

All the music is custom created for this channel to guarantee uniqueness for the viewer and listener. Hope you all enjoy the music and videos!

Videos are posted regularly. There will be a version with music only and an extended version with ambient sound effects for every video where it makes sense.

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