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The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari was added in the Decals Update as a mid Class S car with the following statistics:

Starting rank: 1465

MAX rank: 1690 (+225)

MAX+PRO rank: 1793 (+103)

Tuning Kit bonus: +47

Stock to MAX+PRO rank difference: 328

Speed Modifier: 97.14%

This was removed in the 2019 Holiday Update.

Upgrade rank percentages: 15/50/15/20

Nitro Efficiency: 9/14/19

The Enzo Ferrari mainly rivals the Ferrari 330 P4, Mosler Super GT, HTT Pléthore LC 750, and Renault Sport R.S. 01.


The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari's acceleration is outstandingly fast, outperforming the Ferrari 330 P4 and Mosler Super GT and compensating somewhat for its poor nitro efficiency. Its drifting is also the best in its class, a trait later passed on to cars like the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport and Mosler GT3. On the other hand, the Enzo's top speed is lower than most other cars in its class, although it can still reach a maximum top speed of 305.27 mph/491.49 km/h.

As of the Halloween Update, the Enzo is no longer the fastest Ferrari, having been surpassed by the 488 Pista.


While the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is still the best-performing Ferrari in the game that doesn't suffer from restrictive availability, its usefulness outside of Ferrari-only events is very limited due to superior cars like the Aston Martin Vulcan, Apollo Intensa Emozione, and 2018 McLaren X2 dominating multiplayer and time-limited events. In addition, fully upgrading the Enzo requires 48 V12 Engine cards, which are generally better used on upgrading either the AM Vulcan or Apollo IE, assuming the player owns them.

At MAX+PRO, the Enzo isn't very competitive in Multiplayer, as its total speed causes it to be matched against the TRION NEMESIS, Mosler Super GT, McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, Porsche Carrera GT, SIN R1, McLaren 720S, and Rezvani Beast Alpha. With the exception of the Super GT, the Enzo has very few advantages against these cars except for its sharp drifting radius.


The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari had an orignial buying price of 3500000  3,500,000 to purchase; later updated to 3150000  3,150,000 or 14975  14,975 and 14975 14,975. Since the Motorcycles Update, the Enzo requires 20 of its Legendary-rarity Blueprints to be assembled. Assembly takes 12 hours to complete but can be skipped for up to 420  420.

As of the 2019 Holiday Update, the car no longer requires Blueprints to be assembled and has a full purchase price of 12000 12,000.

As of the 2019 Spring Update, upgrades cost 2026000 2,026,000 while Pro Kits require 674400  674,400, 18 of each Class S Part, 32 V12 Engines, 36 Mid-Techs, and 24 Advanced Techs.

The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is the 13th car to be released as a Multiplayer League reward and is part of the thirteenth Multiplayer Season, Fall Flash Season, which started on August 31, 2017. Players who finished in the Elite League would get all 20 BP cards.

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