3 Hour Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation, Calming Music, Study, Sleep Therapy, Spa, Yoga, Insomnia…

3 Hour Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation, Calming Music, Study, Sleep Therapy, Spa, Yoga, Insomnia...

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Welcome to Velvet Aura. Here you can relax, meditate, rest, elevate your mind, body and soul to it's original state of being. Peace. Prayer and gratefulness brings such harmony to our well being.

Insomnia, stress and focus can be a challenge. You are welcome to disarm as you listen to this beautiful relaxation music. Just let go and let flow. My Velvet Aura channel can help you relax into a calm and soothing bath time, studytube and assist you with intentional living.

Sleep disorders can really be taxing on one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Please allow the beautiful sounds, waterfalls slow motion and visuals to embrace your atmosphere. Surrounding your world with peaceful melodies, bringing you into holistic health and progressive muscle relaxation.

A wonderful relaxation technique is also yoga therapy. Such a serene way of focus and reconnection to one's internal love for self. Velvet Aura is the place to be free, to sleep with ease, to focus with intent and to be utilized daily as a rescue spa.

Never give up on the power of coziness. It's not only the experience of a soft pillow, a warm blanket, or a glass of wine near the fire place. It is also the sound of your own heart beat as you come down from a long day. The closing of your eye lids as you tap into your spirit and realize just how awesome it feels to relax. Snuggle your way into a peaceful dream, allowing the hypnotic sounds of birds, rain, waterfalls and ocean waves to take you away. Feels good. Yes?

LIVE IN THE NOW. Not yesterday which has forever gone away, nor tomorrow which is not promised. Be grateful now. Thankful now. Loving now. Compassionate now. Giving now. It's the little things that makes relaxation, meditation, focus and an awesome night's rest worth the experience.

It is an absolute Pleasure that you are here at Velvet Aura. Please give yourself permission to unwind and enjoy Your Me Time. You are Always Deserving!!

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Love, D.
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