16 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home | What To Do When Bored During LockDown | Things to do

16 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home | What To Do When Bored During LockDown | Things to do

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Most of us have probably never experienced being tied up at home..The current #lockdown has a lost of folks sitting at #home and #bored, which is why we have come up with some wonderful things you could do while even just staying at home..
On our part we are in LOCKED DOWN with a gang of 6 kids. Well kids have a spirit that cannot lock them down! They are managing to get some ONLINE/OFFLINE studies going. Well the classroom keeps shifting from the living room to the staircase. 5 are onto online classes, while lil angel works on her sheets printed out .
Reality Check: how are the kids in our family spending their time:-
1) Fortunately depending on the child, each is managing between 30 mins and 3 hours of online/offline studies.

2) Every two days have made it compulsory to write down an essay/story and then in the evening they have to read out their essay/story to the whole family- adults and kids

3) 1-3 hours of skill development/pleasure activities- depending on the child- Photoshop, drawing, writing, offline games including snooker, monopoly and other board games... and trying their best to reduce online games!!

4) 30mins-1 hour of reading, well this a mixed bag as they are also studying.

5) 4 minsπŸ˜‡πŸ˜„ to 60 mins of yoga/asanas/pranayam everyday depending on the child. Outstanding flexibility as they combine their gymnastics and dancing skills, while we adults work on our flab-shifting skills to get some semblance of the asanas!!

6) Food: from the initial days of pringles, peppy, maggi etc etc, we all know the list πŸ˜„, they are gravitating more towards traditional home food- dals,lobias, veggies, so that is great!

7) dining table instant math tables and general knowledge questions and general sharing about their likes and dislikes.

8) Settling of interpersonal energies and finding common synergy so that all 6 can learn to enjoy leisure time together like watching a common program on TV together and in rotation as per each child's choice of programπŸ˜„ya that's wishing too much!

But what do you think you should be doing during this Lockdown Extension if you are facing Lockdown Blues?
Don't Worry
We've Got You Covered, With Our 16 Best Things
To Do, From The...animal World
1) To Start With You could just Yawn.
2) Or Just Wallow In Bed All Day!! Yay..
3) Be The Masterchef At Home -
4)Spend Time Organising Your Space, Organise Your House, Your Hard Drives, Your Phone, Make Virtual Albums Of Your Photographs, Delete Unnecessary Mails And Messages.
5)Chat With Your Friends And Family Because, Now Is The Time To Reach-out.
6)In Fact You Could Host A Zoom Party,
And You Don't Even Have To Clean Up After.
7)Learn Something New Online, And Keep Updating Your Skills.
Like A New Dance Class Maybe....or A New Language....
8)Visit An Art Gallery Or Museum Virtually .
The British Museum Has
Virtual Tours Of Their Artefacts. Google’s Arts And Culture Collection Has Virtual Tours Of 500 Top Attractions
Around The World, So Does New York's Moma And Uffizi In Florence
9) Enjoy Some Karaoke Apps Like Airconsole
Let You Turn Your Smartphone Into A Mic, And Sing Your Favourite Hits
10)Visit A National Park Virtually . Many National Parks Are
running Live Feed Safaris Online
11) Birdwatching From Your Balcony Try To Identify Different Species Of Birds Through Apps Like The
Merlin Bird App
12)Write ..your Thoughts, Never Know It May Become The Next
Bestselling Novel Or Autobiography
13) Dust Off The Musical Instrument Lying In The Corner. Now Is The Time To Learn It.
14) Gardening Would Be Fun Too, Revive The Plants In Your
Window Sill, And Tend To The Plants In Your Compound
15) Some Yoga And Exercise- Stretching Would Be Great
16) Spend Time With The Kids Keep A Few Hours Aside Everyday For Some Great Conversations Or Activities With The Kids, They Are Growing Up Much Too Fast

So Have A Safe Lockdown, Never Know This Period
May Turn Out To Be Your
Most Cherished Moments.

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Michael Budde
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