12 Amazing Secrets For Your Healthy LifeStyle !

12 Amazing Secrets For Your Healthy LifeStyle ! | INFO SPOT

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WELCOME TO INFO SPOT. 12 Amazing Secrets for Your Healthy Life Style.
In order to maintain your Body Health or Weight We recommend you to follow this tips for a your Healthy Lifestyle & Long Life !

Do not stuff your Stomach with excess food, due to this your digestive system will get strained. #2. Prefer to eat organic carbohydrate foods such as Wheat, Cereals, Unpolished rice,etc.. #3. You must
defenetely avoid large quantity of oil being deposited in our body! Instead of Fried Fish or Egg Omellete items prefer to take Fish Curry or Boiled eggs! # 4.Fish is an excellent choice in your diet. Fish Contains Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 prevents the deposition of Fat in the Blood Vessels ! # 5. Try to avoid unhealthy Junk Foods, such as Pizzas, Burgers etc. If you are fond of such foods you can go for it once a Month ! # 6. Be ready to giveup your favourite foods i,e., Ice Cream, Ghee, Butter etc.! # 7. Overweight people are recommended to take fruits like Oranges, Strawberries, Apples etc. ! Slim people are advised to eat lot of Higher Caloric Value Fruits. Such as, Jack Fruit, Banana, Mango etc. # 8. Our body needs only 6gms of SALT everyday. So avoid taking more salt, this could damage your health system! # 9. Though Nuts & Seeds built with essential nutrients. Remember they have high Calorie Value! # 10. Reduce the Edible Oil usage in your everyday cooking. This could harm your health ! # 11. Develop the habituate to drink Coconut Water, Butter Milk, & Fresh Juice without adding sugar ! # 12. It is also advisable to eat fruits raw rather than squeezing into juice. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.

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