11 ways to save money this Christmas!

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Here are 11 ways to save money this Christmas:

1. Buy food for the amount of people that are coming, not for a footy team!
2. Set a limit to what you spend,
3. Do your Christmas gift swapping on the night of boxing day to buy some deals in the sales (doesn't work with kids),
4. Do you really need gifts? put it towards something in the future,
5. Google where the sales are for everything you need,
6. Plan ahead - What are you buying and where,
7. Be realistic about how much time will be spent at home,
8. Feel like seafood? Find out where the trawlers are going and buy direct,
9. Be responsible behind the wheel - texting whilst driving and don't drink,
10. 8. What fun can you have without spending money - Beaches, parks, friends houses,
11. Set goals for 2021.

To often we get caught up with all the hype of Christmas and lose the meaning of what the break really means for most.

We have had a massive year this year with everything that has gone on so take the time to chill with those that you love and enjoy the day. First Home Buyer Club video.

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