10 ways to know if you are working with the wrong people

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Here are 10 ways to identify if you are making the right decisions and working with the right people:

1. They are 'YES' people,
2. You get no input into the house design or changes,
3. Social proof,
4. You get no choices when it comes to where you live and what you buy,
5. They are rushing you into a contract/making you sign on the first meeting,
6. They don't talk to you about your finances, lifestyle habits, and what you can afford in mortgage repayments,
7. The only reason you are working with them is they are nice people or you know them,
8. You are having to fix their mistakes,
9. They've never had any issues, and
10. Your gut feel!

Whilst I admit now is the perfect time to purchase your own home and in fact, is a once in a lifetime for a lot of families, however, that does not mean you should be rushing into it or making the wrong decisions.

Do your research and ensure whoever you choose to work with is making the right decisions for you and your family.

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