002- Vlog- Chicken with Acmella Spotflower| Black Lentil | Green Chutney | Majoni Kahyzen

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Recipes ________
β˜† Black lentil
(This recipe is without khar ( alkali)
1. Black Lentil
2. Onion
3. Ginger Garlic
4. Green Chillies
5. Salt
6. Turmeric

Soaked the black lentil for about 30 minutes. ( I didnt had much time , i soaked in warm water for 15 minutes) . Add the black lentils in pressure cooker & add ginger garlic, water and wait for 3 whistle till it become soft & a bit creamy ( Whistle numbers depend upon your cooker). Then mash the half lentil with whisk. After that heat the pan & add oil . After its hot add panchpuran& onion, fry until it turn to a golden color. Now pour the lentil in the pan & stir well. Now wait for the desired consistency& its done πŸ™‚

β˜† Chicken with Medicinal Herbs (Acmella Spotflower)
2. Ginger &garlic
3. Green Chilies
4. Medicinal Herbs
5. Onion
6. Little bit of oil

Heat the pan & then add oil. Add onion, sautΓ© it till they turn golden, add salt & turmeric. Then add the chicken and mix properly. ( i marinated the chicken with turmeric& lemon for 15 minutes). After 15 minutes add ginger & garlic and mix well. Cook in the medium flame. After the chicken is cooked 80 percent add the greens ( medicinal herbs- Acmella Spotflower) and cook for 15 minutes. (You can add water for curry. Usually we make curry with medicinal herbs). And its done. Serve with rice.

β˜† Green chutney
1. Pudina
2. Spinach
3. Coriander
4. Fish mint (Masundari)
5. Ginger Garlic
6. Green chilies
7. Curd

Wash properly the greens & ginger garlic chilies & Add all the ingredient together in mixer grinder & grind it in a smooth paste. And its done πŸ™‚

Music by Carlo Lenon Majoni Kahyzen video.

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