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Getting a Vlog Channel to rank higher than your competition requires time, effort and most of all determination.


Below are three of the most crucial elements I’d advise you to work on immediately if you want to rank your vlog at the top of the search results:


Always prepare a bullet point style script to use when filming.
This will keep your videos concise, to the point and offer a professional edge that 99% of other videos don’t have.


You must have a list of at least 50 topics to talk about before you even start vlogging. This will ensure that you know your channel’s theme and most importantly, you’ll be armed up and ready to shoot. If you just pick a topic out of the air each time, the lack of passion WILL show.


In order to rank in the search engine, you must pick a search term you believe you’ll rank for. (In my attached video, I have a link in the description box to a free tool that will help you find this keyword). Once you’ve found it, put it in your title, description and tag section. You’ll even want to mention the keyword at the start of your video too. YouTube is listening to the words you SPEAK not just what you write.


For more tips and vital resources, check out the video I’ve made below with 13 of the tricks I personally have used and continue to use to build my channel.

https://youtu.be/7IgrMmKJTGY (https://youtu.be/7IgrMmKJTGY)

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Top List of Topics to Vlog About:


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🔴 Fastest Way to Grow Your YouTube Vlog Channel in 2022

We are well and truly in the year 2022, peeps. Feeling real yet?
Wether you’re already a vlogger or want to know how to start being a vlogger on YouTube for the first time, we ALL could use a few tips to achieve vlogging fame.

🔴 Why Become a Successful Vlogger in 2022?

Sure, you could have started years ago.. but it’s a brand new year. And that means a brand new you. And brand new goals. And let’s face it, for good or for bad, the world has never in history been ‘so online’. It’s time to use that opportunity to your advantage and find an audience for your vlog.

🔴 So How Does a Vlog Channel Take Off?

In essence, you need to have a clearer vision of who you are, what you enjoy vlogging about and have find a target audience to match. That may sound easy, but it can be anything but.. especially for a beginner. If you wana know how to grow a vlog channel, time, patience and planning is something you’re gonna need to be loaded with.. but if you’re serious about getting somewhere with this vlogging career, we’re here to help.

🔴 Getting Famous on YouTube in 2022 is For You.. if..

… if you are: prepared to do a lot of ‘hard graft’ with little immediate payout, you enjoy working on your own, you don’t mind being spotted by people in the street.
Whilst getting spotted in the street seems unlikely.. it can actually happen. It happens for us 😂 it can be humbling, exhilarating and at times embarrassing, depending on the ossicaion. But hey, that’s the price you pay for starting a successful vlog channel, right?!

🔴 Our Own Hopes For 2022

We’re currently in the middle of rebuilding our vlog studio from the ground up, so we’ve got big plans. We plan to upload far more regularly, grow our targeted audience, share our channel growth tips (as we continue to discover new tips) and generally just have a jolly good time doing it all.

🔴 We Need YOU!

Leave a comment below and let us know what it is that excites you most about growing a vlogging channel and beating the competition.

🔴 So, as you begin to take over the YouTube Vlogsphere this year, remember.. it’s only fun when it’s fun. And if you make the type of videos that YOU would enjoy watching, you’ll attract the perfect audience for your vlog.

Grab yourself a Caramel Latte,

It’s time to get this vlog started.

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We Post Regular Random Rants About Whatever’s on Our Mind When we go to Hit Record

We’re Rising Vlog Stars in 2021. Well we like to think we are. We had a fair few followers on our old channel.. But we actually deleted that one due to the incessant amount of spam and terrible watch time.. it was an old channel.. it’s complicated.

We’ve decided to take part in the Couples Who Vlog in 2021 Challenge and rather than continue on the channel we were on, Lockdown gave us the opportunity to completely revamp that.

It’s when we really began to take the channel seriously.

And it’s so much fun. We love the vlogging community on YouTube and can honestly say we’ve made some great friends here too. Grabbing the camera, chatting away and editing is, to us, therapeutic. It’s a luxury we get to take part in rather than something we ‘have to do’.
And if you’re not doing YouTube videos for fun, there’s really no point in doing them.
Let’s be real, we’re not here for the money.

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